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Shareholder Rights Attorney is headed by Avi Wagner, a foremost expert on investment disputes, with over 15 years' experience.

Mr. Wagner has successfully represented both plaintiffs/claimants and defendants, as well as liability insurers, and has deep experience representing private equity funds, foreign and domestic pension funds as well as individuals.  This helps give him the ability to clearly see a case from the perspective of all parties involved, which is a significant advantage to his clients and a key driver of his success.  He has a notably successful track record across many different security issues, including securities litigation and arbitration, shareholder derivative litigation, arbitration before FINRA and AAA and ancillary bankruptcy and regulatory matters (FINRA).

Mr. Wagner graduated Georgetown Law and is a former employee of the Security and Exchange Commission, whose mandate is to protect investors and promote fairness in the security market.  Shareholder Rights Attorney shares this mission.  The legal name for Shareholder Rights Attorney is The Wagner Firm. 

FINRA Arbitration and mediation

FINRA (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) is an organization chartered by the United States Congress to regulate broker/dealers and protect investors.  If you have a dispute with your broker, it is likely that it will find its way to FINRA arbitration, which is a different process from state or federal court.  Mr. Wagner has deep experience representing clients before FINRA proceedings, and strategizing to take advantage of this unique process for clients' benefit.


All cases on which we engage are led by Avi Wagner personally.  Shareholder Rights Attorney does not follow the traditional law firm model with a revolving-door stream of attorneys working on your case, including junior associates who are learning securities law and the details of your situation while billing you for their time.  With Shareholder Rights Attorney, other experts and attorneys may be assisting on your case, but it will always be led by Avi Wagner himself.  As such, we are limited in the number of cases we can handle at any given time; the best way to find out if your situation would be a good fit for you and for us is to fill out a contact form below or to contact us directly at 310-491-7949 or at Avi@TheWagnerFirm.com.

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